The World’s Greatest Tragedy: Unreached People Groups


I feel deeply troubled about current events in our country. But to be honest, I’m even more concerned about something else. Follower of Jesus, trust me — you need to read this!

Did you know that approximately 50,000 people die in the 10/40 Window every day without ever hearing the soul-saving gospel of Jesus Christ? These unsaved masses will enter a Christ-less eternity devoid of hope and brimming with sorrow and pain.

Followers of Jesus, we must focus on Jesus’ Great Commission more than ever before! Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, He left His disciples a sober, straightforward and all-important mandate. Please, don’t skim over it:

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:18-20 NKJV).

Have we obeyed this command? Have we taken it seriously? Or do we just consider it a suggestion? Jesus commanded us to reach souls. Do they have value to us? They have great value to God; that’s why he gave us this Great Commission to preach the gospel to all nations!

If we would obey Jesus’ Great Commission, we must refuse to entangle ourselves in trivialities at the expense of Jesus’ divine mandate! We shouldn’t even let our local church sidetrack us with lesser concerns. Each of us will give an account before the Lord regarding our involvement (or lack thereof) in Jesus’ Great Commission. Your pastor and church leaders will give an account for their use of God’s money, and each of us will too! But right now, less than 1% of mission giving goes to reach unreached people groups! That’s startling, isn’t it?

If your church is too focused on buying equipment, hiring more staff, and expanding its facilities, don’t fall for it. Follow Jesus’ command and get with God’s program! Remember, 50,000 souls die every day without ever hearing the gospel—their souls are at stake! We don’t have any time to waste!

How to Join God’s Mission

You might say, “How can I help reach the unreached? I don’t know the language, and no flights are available because of the COVID-19 shutdown.” The good news is that many native missionaries are ready to fulfill God’s call in those unreached lands. They know the language, culture, and customs. They just need a little help to publish the gospel in these unreached cities, towns, and villages.

Here’s what you can do!

First, try your church. If your church is already reaching the unreached in the 10/40 Window, that’s the best place to join God’s mission! Go to your pastor or church leaders and tell them you want to help.

But don’t give up if your pastor or church leadership shrug off the unreached as unimportant. Get involved somewhere else with missions. If you or your church need direction with this, feel free to write to me, and we will help you get involved right away.

What specific actions can you take? Well, we can reach the unreached by going, sending (by giving), or both! But at this point in church history, the most significant thing many of us can do is pray, donate, and advocate to send indigenous missionaries to reach their own people. That’s the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done!

Don’t just sit around waiting for someone else to do it! Do your part, or believe me, you and I will be very disappointed when Jesus returns! I definitely don’t want to grieve my Lord by rejecting or neglecting His call to serve as an Ambassador of the heavenly kingdom.

Whatever you do, don’t put it off; precious lives hang in the balance—souls for whom Jesus died! Let’s give them a chance to receive salvation! We must complete God’s Great Commission.

Right now, take a moment and put aside your worries and fears and do something to reach the unreached! God will hold us all accountable for our obedience or neglect at the Judgment seat of Christ.
Brian Mark Weller is the founder of Message Ministries and a Christian teacher with a passion for world missions. Brian met the Lord in 1974 and entered public ministry soon after in 1976. In 1988, God gave Brian a special gift — a piercing burden for lost souls on the mission field. Since then, Brian has traveled the nations preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. He has recorded 9 albums of challenging Christian music and published one stirring book — Backsliding in Heart: 5 Steps to a Backsliding Heart and Back Again. He currently lives with his wife Anne in St. Petersburg, FL. He has three grown children and three grandchildren. Click here to learn more about Brian, access his Bible teaching, or invite him to minister at an event.


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