Together, We’re Sharing God’s Hope in the COVID-19 Crisis. Here’s How.

Hello, MM family! The world is facing an hour of profound need. But together, we’re sharing God’s hope and making a difference in many needy lives. Here’s how our partners are reaching out, fueled by your prayers and support.
Gospel Relief in Unreached India
Our partners at LH Ministries work in 5 different Indian states. You can imagine how many needs they see! Driven by holy compassion, they’ve used their mission support to provide pandemic relief for India’s poor. With your help, they have:
• Provided essentials for students of LHM children’s school
• Supported widows in an impoverished ministry area, and
• Sent food funds to their pastors in horribly affected areas.
We just sent more funds to help them continue this work, along with an offering for our partners and their families. It’s important to help sustain the ministry families who share God’s hope with India.
Please pray God uses these Indian ministers to encourage many Christians and draw many lost souls to Jesus Christ. I truly believe God will use this pandemic to rescue many souls.
Also, please consider this prayer request from our Indian partner:
“Kindly pray for the thousands of migrant workers on the road (for lack of transportation). It is painful for them – it can cause national civil unrest. Pray that the church would rise to pray and provide for them. I have asked all our leaders to be in prayer for God led opportunities to stand in the gap and round up volunteers to be prepared to love on their neighbors as needs arise.”
Severe Storm Relief in Burma/Myanmar
A severe storm recently struck Nasi Village, Burma, severely damaging ten homes. As a result, ten families lost the roofs over their heads. Our partner David S. described the need: “Because of the quarantine, many of these villagers haven’t worked for two months. They’ve spent most of their money on basic needs and essential house repairs. They need help, especially in light of COVID-19.”
Together, we helped rebuild in Jesus’ name. By God’s grace and the generosity of God’s people, Message Ministries sent $1,000 to help ten families repair their homes after the terrible storm. Our partners will use the money to purchase the needed repair materials.
If you’ve followed our updates, you’ve heard about the youth camp we sponsored in the Nasi Village last year. Through that camp, thirty young people came to know the Lord Jesus, and our partners planted a new church. This tragedy gave us another opportunity to share God’s hope with the Nasi villagers. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you—and glory to God!
Serving the Poor in Lomas de Carabayllo
MM partner Pastor Gilberto Varillas continues to minister to needy families in impoverished Lomas de Carabayllo of Lima, Peru. These hard-working people have lost work because of the COVID-19 quarantine. You can imagine their many needs!
Together, we helped sponsor bags of food to bless the people of Lomas during this difficult time. Pastor Gilberto and his team gave them away in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God! I want to thank our mission supporters. Without your help, this wouldn’t have happened!
Caring for the Saints in Costa Azul
Because of quarantine, MM partner Pastor Julio hasn’t been able to continue children’s meetings at Iglesia Cristo Sanador Divino in Costa Azul. Instead, he uses our mission support to prepare and deliver food for the families in the church. Many have great needs because of the quarantine.
We praise God for faithful servants like Pastor Julio. He has ministered to Costa Azul for years at the church founded by MM partners Pastor Everth and Maribel. MM is blessed to play a small role in their ongoing ministry there. Special thanks to our mission supporters who make this possible!
A Motorcycle for a Laotian Missionary
Together, we sponsored a motorcycle for Laotian Pastor Sul__. What a blessing for him! After the quarantine, he’ll use it to travel to church plants in various villages. Please pray for him as he declares the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Message Ministries is blessed to support indigenous missionaries like Pastor Sul__ in this way. They do the hard work—and with your help, we provide tools to help them spread the gospel more easily and effectively.
Thanks to the prayer warriors and supporters who sponsor needs like Sul__’s. Glory to God!
A Last Word from Brian
Dear Friends,
I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your love and support. Because of your generosity, we met every commitment to our mission partners around the world. We were even able to meet needs beyond our monthly commitments to ministries in Burma, China, India, Laos, Peru, and Thailand.
That is a testament to God’s love and mercy, and the faithfulness of mission supporters like you. The testimonies above are just a few of many. Let me say that the needs of the missions fields are still great, and we welcome your continued help. If you are not a regular supporter but would like to make a special donation to help our mission partners through a challenging time, just click the button titled “Donate Now” below. To learn how to become a regular supporter, click the second green button.
We give all the praise and glory to God for the great things He is doing. We thank Him for allowing us to play a small part in His Great Commission work.
Together we are making a difference!
Brian Weller


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