Video: How the Santillans Brought Jesus’s Hope to Poverty-Stricken Pachacutec

For the last twenty years, we’ve shared the honor of supporting Pastor Fabian Santillan and his family as they serve in the sandy slums of Pachacutec, Lima, Peru.

Pastor Fabian and his late wife Cecilia first planted La Viña del Señor Church among Pachacutec’s ailing poor in the 1990s. Back then, they met under stars or sunshine, setting up a truckload of chairs each week to win the lost and inspire believers from Pachacutec’s sandy hillsides.

We met this inspiring family in 2002 and immediately grew an unbreakable bond. Two years later, we broke land in Pachacutec to construct their ministry building alongside Spirit and Truth ministries. Today, the Santillan family still continues La Viña’s dynamic ministry—and now, some of those early Sunday Schoolers have become mature children’s ministry leaders! Each week, they nourish the children of Pachacutec with Jesus’s love, God’s perfect Word, and hot, delicious meals.

We ask you to take a few moments to pray for Pastor Fabian, his family, and the leaders, congregation, and children of La Viña del Señor. Your prayers play a vital role in their ministry! 
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