Why God’s Mission Must Continue

In times like these, true gospel ministry must continue to advance both on the home front and especially in unreached lands.

When the unreached die, no eternal hope awaits them. No heavenly home wel- comes them. They don’t inherit a glorious future without sorrow or pain. Rather, they enter an eternity of separation from the beauty and love of God. That should strike a nerve in every true Bible-believing Christian’s heart. Rain or shine, we must continue reaching the 10/40 Window, where billions of souls have never heard the gospel of Jesus.

We’re committed to supporting our indigenous pastors, missionaries, and evan- gelists in China, India, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand throughout the COVID-19 Crisis. We’ll also continue supporting the 10 child discipleship and feeding centers in Peru. We can only accomplish this by God’s grace and your continued help. Will you stand with us as we stand with Jesus, the King of Kings who wears the crown [in Spanish, corona] of glory, and urges us to fulfill His Great Commission?

We want to thank our regular mission supporters for your faithfulness. We pray our God continues to provide your every need. If you’re not a regular donor but would like to help at this time, we’ve provided some giving options below. Thank you!

To learn four easy ways to help, visit Join Arms. www.messagemissions.com/join-arms/

To make a text-donation, send a dollar amount to 727-87-REACH (727-877-3224)

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