What’s the Value of a Soul? Giving Tuesday 2019

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday a wonderful opportunity to generously give to those who need it most. In preparation, we’re asking ourselves a stirring question. What’s the value of a soul? Consider with us.
Jesus gave His very life to save your soul and mine. What would we give to assure that one eternal soul could hear that message? $50? $150?
Wait—we’re talking about eternity! We might even give $500 or $5000 to give someone a guaranteed chance to hear the only gospel of salvation. After all, money is temporary, but that soul will live eternally in either Heaven or Hell.
We’re excited to announce a great opportunity. This Giving Tuesday, you can assure that one soul hears the good news for just $5.
This Giving Tuesday, we’re dedicating every donation to the Christmas Blessing Project. Your $5 donation will provide a Christmas gift, a warm meal and the gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy soul in the third-world. Would you or your family like to share Jesus this Christmas?
Perhaps you’d like to sponsor a Christmas Blessing in the name of your child or family member. If so, we’ll send you a special postcard that you can stuff in their stocking on Christmas day. Give a gift that won’t fade with time—a generous donation to the God’s great harvest! To learn more or donate now, click the appropriate button below.
P.S: Please spread the word—share this article with a fellow disciple of Jesus!

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