February 2017




SOUTHEAST ASIA Updates and Opportunities

I write this newsletter from 35,000 feet in the air on my return from SE Asia with my good friend Hector Del Carpio. I have had another eye-opening trip to SE Asia. As I sit on this 12-hour flight I contemplate how to best respond to the many opportunities and open doors God has set before us. Our God does not open our eyes to open doors that He doesn’t want us to see and walk through. He has a purpose in everything that He does, and when He transmits those purposes to us, it is our responsibility as disciples of Jesus not only to listen to his word but to obey it.  Jesus said in Luke 11:28, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” The Apostle James gives us some great advice in James 1:22: “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says!” It is our desire to be faithful to the call of God!
God is raising up a people who will not only be hearers of His word but dedicated doers of His word. I truly want to be one of those people! How about you? We love talking about the great things God has done both in the Bible and history, but the truth is that God also wants to do great things through each and every one of us.  We may have different roles to play in God’s great purpose for the Great Commission and world evangelization, but each one of us must fulfill our role with an excitement and dedication that can only come from the throne of God’s grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, many will miss out on a great walk of faith and will continue to make excuses as to why they are unable to do what the Bible says to do. Each one of us, including me, will answer to God for the times that we talked which we didn’t follow up by action. The shame is that billions of people are affected by our collective disobedience and nonchalant attitudes towards world missions. Millions die each year who never once had the opportunity to hear God’s message of salvation through Jesus Christ because we often chose selfishness and disobedience over selflessness and obedience. Sad but true!
My prayer on our recent trip to SE Asia was that God would open up the right doors for us to help indigenous leaders mobilize youth and young adults to evangelize their part of the world. As I write this, I cannot tell you how excited I am to have these opportunities before us. The Holy Spirit has given the direction we prayed for, and with that, the faith to believe He will make these dreams a reality. I know he has placed this same dream in some of your hearts as well!You are hungry to fulfill the call of God by being either a goer, a sender, or both.
I want to share about two new open doors. The Lord has opened the door for us to help with two youth camps — one in Cambodia and one in _________. We will initiate the Cambodia camp, where we will disciple about 30-50 young people aged 17 to 25. Some youth leaders from __________might also join us for this camp. The goal of this camp is to help train and mobilize these young men and women to evangelize their country. In Cambodia, 71% of the population is unreached with the gospel and only 3.2% of the population are confessing Christians. Indigenous leaders will invite youth from different local churches so that they can return to help mobilize and train their spiritual families to GO.  We also hope to set up a discipleship network much like the Corazones en Fuego in Peru. James Sann will organize this camp and we will fund the greater part of it.
The Lord also opened the door for us to help with an already established camp in _________. This camp will have 300 youth from around the nation. We cannot talk much about this camp on the internet because _________ is a restricted nation.
We will work with an established network of Churches led by a new Pastor friend. What a blessing it was to sit with the leader of this group of churches and to see a man of humility. They have around 180,000 people in their network and asked for help to reach youth and train youth leaders that can reach their nation with the gospel. 
They are an established ministry and have asked us to come and help with the camp which will undoubtedly have a profound effect on the nation. It is imperative to reach the youth and young adults in these 10/40 window nations where up to 50% of the population is under 30 years old. They must be reached and equipped to reach their nation with the gospel!
I will go to SE Asia in June along with my son JJ and a small group of college-age students to minister at these camps and at evangelistic outreaches. Please pray for us as we launch forward in these endeavors. We welcome your help!
In His service,  Brian Weller
If you would like to help with the two youth camps coming up in June in SE Asia we welcome your support. We are estimating we will need approximately $40 to $50 per youth which includes bus rentals, food, lodging etc. 100% of your gift will go towards sending an indigenous youth to camp. 
If you would like more information on the location of the other youth camp in SE Asia please e-mail us at messagemissions@gmail.com

Pnomh Penh Cambodia with James Sann, Jim Randall and Hector Del Carpio.


People in Cambodian village receiving mosquito nets provided by our donors.


Great time with Living Grace Ministries University students in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.


Cambodian Village: Hector Del Carpio sharing the gospel with the people. It was a blessing to see some give their hearts to the Lord.  

Pnomh Penh, Cambodia: This dear woman was so excited to receive this little gas stove. Thank you for your donations!

Steung Meanchey – Pnomh Penh – Cambodia: We were able to lead this dear woman to the Lord. Her daughter was already saved.

Ang Dang – Pnomh Penh, Cambodia: There are now 500 families who get fresh water from this water purification outlet. There are 2,000 families in this community and the word is spreading. We will be starting a children’s ministry and feeding center here in the next month or so.

A Missions Moment – My Eyes Were Opened

My eyes Were Opened was written on last years mission to SE Asia. I was writing as I was observing the many spiritual and material needs there. I was also impacted by the depth of the spiritual darkness I was seeing. God help us to keep our eyes open to your plan and your purposes to reach the world with your message of hope.


Please continue to pray for Jim Randall as he continues to minister to leaders in SE Asia and around the world.  
He will be in Australia ministering for the month of March. Australia is key in reaching into the 10/40 window because of it’s geographic position. Pray for divine appointments for Jim as he travels throughout that nation in March.
Leaders like Jim have a very important role in the Kingdom of God today. Through many years of seeking the Lord, studying God’s Word and ministry experience Jim is able to help younger missionaries, pastors, evangelists and leaders to be more fruitful at a younger age and avoid some pitfalls that many fall into to. 
Here is a link to Jim’s page on our website. 
In our efforts to reach the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of salvation Message Ministries and Missions is teaming up with www.onejamnationradio.com  to:
  • Share the message of the gospel in the language and the music of the people we are reaching in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India etc. We will focus on the more unreached nations of the world found in the 10/40 window.
  • Share the vision of the various ministries we work with around the world through interview style radio shows which will air on One Jam Nation Radio. These will be used for vision casting and to raise funds to help these ministries that we are already helping and know well.
  • Share the needs that are on the mission fields through field reports, and ministry updates from our partner ministries in in the countries we are working in.
  • Provide the equipment necessary for each ministry to develop their own radio shows in their own languages to reach their own people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Provide air time on ONJR for these programs as they are developed.  We will also provide some funds for them to print up promo materials to draw people to their specific radio shows on OJNR.