Peru Video Update

March 2012 Update


Most of what we do in this ministry, we do by faith. We see a need, we receive a leading from the Lord regarding it, and then we pray to meet the need by God’s grace and provision. We share the needs with you in our newsletters or with people we meet. Sometimes, God meets the need even before we can share it with you in our newsletter!

I will confess this to you. Sometimes it’s kind of “scary” knowing that the leaders we partner with, and the families they minister to, depend on us to keep our promises to help them in the midst of their poverty. These pastors and leaders are like family to us! They do the hard work on the mission field; we just assist them with it. And many of you assist them as well through your prayers and your gracious responses to the needs you read of in our newsletters.

Let me share one story with you about this process. Several weeks ago during a video conference with our Peruvian leadership team, I mentioned that we were ready to build a new church facility in Valle Verde. Valle Verde is one of the poorest areas we work in; the building there is literally falling apart! At that time I had no idea where the funds would come from. Nevertheless, I knew God desired us to take this step of faith. Over the years, we have learned that to go forward in our service to God, we must take steps of faith to help those in need. I shared this need with one of our supporters. He discussed it with his wife, and the next day he sent me a text asking how much we needed. I replied, and within minutes he wrote back saying, “We will cover it.” Hallelujah!

I get really excited knowing we can move forward in faith on something we feel so strongly about. We are so grateful to the couple who took that step of faith to meet this need in Valle Verde. We’re also thankful to, and thankful for, so many of you who have sacrificed over the years to help us share “God’s Message of Hope” in ways both practical and spiritual in Peru and beyond.

In His Service,   Brian Weller


2011 Year in Review Video

2011 was an awesome year for Message Ministries and Missions Inc. God allowed us to do so much, and we are so grateful to Him as we look back and see all the beautiful opportunities He gave to serve Him. This video is a photo synopsis of those things.

A special thank you goes out to all our mission team members and to all our supporters for your prayers and gifts! Without you these things would not be possible!

A Great New Way to View our Videos Online!

We’ve just found a better way to host our videos on the internet for easy access to all those interested in our mission work.  Check out the links below.

See our Mission Team Videos Here!

See our Year in Review Videos Here!

In His service,  Brian Weller





We encourage you to visit our news page and catch up on all that has transpired in the last month at Message Ministries and Missions.  You can download our latest newsletter there and see pictures of our recent trip to Peru where:

  • The Vocational Training Center was opened and we held the first classes in carpentry and electric.
  • The Christmas Blessing Project for Peru has been completed and some pictures have started to come in.
  • We announce the opening of a new Feeding Center

If you haven’t already we encourage you to sign up for our e-mail newsletters by writing us an e-mail at  Also, hit the link to visit our facebook page.  Lastly, you can view many pictures on our shutterfly page and watch videos on our youtube page.

In His service,  Brian Weller

Mission Update

We have added some updates to the website.  Please read or download our latest newsletter or view our newest videos.  This month we especially need help with the Christmas Blessing Project.  We are seeking to provide gifts for the children of Peru and a new set of clothes for the children of North India.  You can read more about this on our Christmas Blessing Project link of this page.

Also, please keep our team in prayer as we prepare to head back to Peru for the opening of the Able Hands Vocational Training Center.  Thank you for all you do in helping us reach the world with the love of Jesus Christ!

In His service,  Brian Weller

Able Hands Vocational Training Center UPDATE!

Praise God!  The matching grant opportunity for the Able Hands Vocational Training Center has been met!  Anything that comes in above and beyond what has already come in will still go towards the opening of the VTC.  We still need to get curriculum and materials to build our first set of prefab homes.

Thank you for your part in making this dream come true for the people of Lomas de Carabayllo.  Soon, some will be learning a new trade at the Vocational Training Center you helped to open.


NEW! Foreign Missions Website

Message Ministries and Missions is involved with a variety of ministry outreaches. These include not only our mission work in Peru and India, but also our outreaches here in the United States: Cross Street Youth Camps, WELLER, and the Brian Weller Music and Teaching Ministries. We’re also quite active on the Internet through our main website,, as well as Facebook, YouTube, and other sites.

Our goal with the new website you are looking at now,, is to place all of our mission-related updates, videos, photos, newsletters, and other items on a smaller, user-friendly site. The original site,, will remain intact. That site gets thousands of hits every month from more than fifty nations, and websites all over the world link to our site.

For those of you primarily interested in our foreign mission work, I think you will find this site more user-friendly and easier to navigate.